My Turn, The Film

A film about Scott Matzka's journey with ALS. 

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The Trailer


How My Turn, The Film came to be

This film started as a conversation, in our offices at Rhino, about Scott (a former professional hockey player who has been diagnosed with ALS & is now running a campaign called My Turn) and his mission to bring awareness and aid to the ALS cause. We had been approached by our friends at Meastro about creating a short video to include on his website, but we knew that this was a more emotionally complex story than a 5-minute video could contain. 

Scott and his wife, Catie, allowed us to partner with them in documenting their story. We set out to document the moments in Scott's life that matter most, and all of the amazing ways that his friends and family have reached out to support his cause. Our journey has taken us to Cardiff, Wales, UK (Home of the Cardiff Devils), Yost Ice Arena (University of Michigan's Hockey Arena) in Ann Arbor, MI, Port Huron, MI and many filming sessions in the Kalamazoo area. Being a part in their journey has been an incredible honor.

The goal of the film

At Rhino we are story tellers, our hope is to tell Scott Matzka's story with ALS as best as we can, and give a first-hand perspective on how his life has changed since being diagnosed with ALS.

Our heart is to capture his incredible legacy and do our part (take our turn) to help educate, support and raise awareness of ALS. We are excited to share this story and hope it motivates folks to take their turn!


Donate to the Family

Thank you for taking a turn and supporting the Matzka family with your generous donation. Contributions will go to assist with the unreimbursed medical expenses, living and caregiving needs of Scott. In the latter stages of the disease, it can cost up to $250,000 per year to care for a patient with ALS, much of which is not covered by insurance. 

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